The Difference Between Hard & Soft Landscaping

The Difference Between Hard & Soft Landscaping

You should know by now that landscaping is important (If you haven’t, read our previous post on this). However, you may be wondering where to start, or what type of landscaping services you need. Yes, landscaping actually comes with two categories: Hard and Soft landscaping. It is important to research how both can support you in improving your business/property.

Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping, or Hardscaping, is pretty self-explanatory. It involves

looking at the hard areas of your landscape, such as rock or stone. Due to the nature of hard landscaping, it is important to seek a professional business as you will most likely be working with pipes and cables that lay underground, and breaking one of these would be very problematic.

If hard landscaping interests you, take a look at a professional hard landscaping company, such as idverde, who has been specialising in the field for numerous years. When it comes to delicate work like this, it is always best to consult a well-known company.

Soft Landscaping

As you may have guessed, if hard landscaping is for the rocks/man-made structures on your land, then soft landscaping refers to the living area of your land, such as plants or grass.

Hiring a soft landscaping company can really bring your land to life, and is a worthwhile investment if you are looking to brighten your land up with more greenery. We recommend looking at ESL Landscape Contractors, a company specialising in providing soft landscaping. View their website to take a look at exactly what they can offer you.

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