Getting Ready for the Winter

Getting Ready for the Winter

Winter is coming…

So you should be looking at how to keep your land safe this winter. Ice is the cause of numerous accidents all over the UK, which makes it a giant health and safety risk. The most popular way to combat the harsh weather is to look into Gritting & Salt to clear snow and ice on your property. What grit does is lower the freezing temperature of snow, making it melt instead of freeze. It is important to do this at the correct time, however, because if the ice has already formed, the grit & salt have to work even harder to melt it. So, before winter hits the UK, it is a good idea to have a gritting company ready to contact for your gritting service.

By investing in gritting, everyone involved in your business/land is getting protected by the harsh elements, and would surely thank you. At Reiss’ Club Calves, we recommend a company such as Ground Control UK, who are specialists in this field. Visit their website to see more about the process of gritting and salting, and even have a chat with them on 0800 334 5606 and prepare for this winter.

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