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We will be selling our pigs this fall in several different ways.  First, we will be having an internet sale before Denver nomination time with the top end of our July-born babies.  Second, we will be attending a couple sales in Claude Texas in October, and Duncan in November.  And of course, we are always happy to sell pigs off the farm.  We are happy to give group discounts to those needing several hogs.
We are offering some of our top end of July, early August pigs for sale privately.  No bidding, first come, first served.  We will be coming to the Oklahoma City area on November 7, or can deliver to the Fall Classic.  Call 785-821-1010 if some of these interest you.  We will be taking the top end of the late August pigs to the Fall Classic, or they are for sale privately at the house.
A Judgement Day barrow out of a york sow. 
Very eye-appealing, super sound, would make a great jackpot barrow, and will be super at 270 pounds in mid-February. 
Born: July 24
An extremely powerful black gilt!
She is sired by Jackson Lickety, out of a Tsumami sow that has had many winners. She has great bone, muscle, and chest floor!

Born: August 3
Price: $150
A Blue gilt. She is a Fatal Attraction 58-4, out of an Alias* Duncan Man sow. She had 2 full sibs at Duncan last year, gilt was in top 1/3 of sale, and her red-belt brother brought $700. This one is extremely nice, better than the gilt last year.
Born: August 23
Price: $200
A Blue barrow, a Franchise out of a Real Money sow.
This is a showpig! Really gets his head up and moves. This sow is proven, she had our $510 high seller in our spring sale, who was very successful showing in California, as well as the Champion Futurity Barrow at the Stanton County Spring Show. This barrow will be a great purchase, he will be really good.

Born: August 11
Price: $200
A Blue- headed barrow out of our $1800 Cobb gilt we purchased at the 2008 Fall Classic, and out Lettow Fatal Son.
He is a tank, you really can't put any more bone, rib, and chest floor in one. A great fat hog in mid to late February. Bad picture, good barrow.

Born: August 3
Price: $150
A Franchise gilt, out of the Real Money sow. This gilt is tremendously complete, she has everything to be a very nice show gilt. Out of our most proven sows. She took a bad picture, I guarantee you will like her a ton when you see her in person.
Price: $150
A blue barrow out of our Fatal son and the $1800 Cobb sow.
He is nicer-balanced than his littermate that is pictured, but does not have the mass and bone. I believe it will come. It would be hard to find this good of genetics at this price, he will make a great late-February barrow.

Price: $150
A belted gilt out of Franchise and the Real Money sow.
She is very green, but has a ton of muscle. Feed her a low-protein feed, with something to add a little rib, and look out, she could be nice.

Price: $150
A registered Spot gilt, out of Fully Loaded.
This is a really good gilt. We are going to take some of this litter to Duncan, but thought we would price her now, and keep her if she does not sell. Super profiling, with lots of muscle and bone, she would be a keeper for someone, either you or me.

Born: August 25
Price: $250
A blue gilt. She is out of our Olsen York Boar sired by Tank, and Strike it Rich/Dare to Compare gilt purchase from Ty Lettow.
This gilt won her class in the market show at the 2008 Kansas State Fair for Dakota, and looks like she will make a great sow.
There were 4 super gilts in the litter, we picked the ones we thought would show the best to put in the sale. The picture does not reflect this, but I think she is the best blue gilt we had born all Fall. She is fault-free!

Born: August 18
Price: $200
A Judgment Day out of the Cobb-bred York sow we call Tony. This is a tremendous barrow, super sound and good looking, with a really big foot. Profiles very good on the move. We will be adding a profile picture soon.
Price: $200

The top end of our July pigs will be sold September 28, in the Three State Online sale hosted by Showpig.com. Featured will be pigs out of the mother of the Grand Hamp at the Colorado State Fair, as well as a very nice spot litter by Maximus. Check the Showpig.com site for pictures.
Due Date Sire Litter Breed Dam Breeding Information
07-02-2009 Binding Agreement Duroc Freak Show Granddam was the Reserve overall Breeding Gilt in OKC that was bred by Olsen's.
07-07-2009 Maximus Spot Spot Sow Sow's first litter, Chloe showed this gilt at Kansas State Fair last year. Great Denver litter.
07-10-2009 Blow Out Cross Alias 12-2 * Duncan Man Sow is one of our best producers, spring Blow Out litter very successful.
07-21-2009 Judgement Day Cross Contender York Granddam was the Grand breeding gilt, Kansas State Fair, sow produced 10th york barrow, Duncan.
07-22-2009 Olsen York Cross Powerade Daughter Great potential blue litter, sow raised the Muhr gilt on our winner's page this spring.
08-01-2009 Lettow Fatal son Cross Cobb Super Power 1st litter out of our Cobb York gilt purchased in Duncan this fall, should be really good blues.
08-01-2009 Fatal Attraction 117-3 Cross Eddie York This mating last fall produced the barrow that made sale in Fort Worth for Cothrum family.
08-02-2009 Fatal Attraction 87-2 Cross Duroc Red belts, get your red belts. Sow's first litter averaged over $400.
08-02-2009 Jackson Lickety Cross Tsunami This sow is one of our best producers, should be several really good belted hogs in this litter.
08-10-2009 Franchise Cross Real Money This sow had a very good spring litter, including Champion Futurity in Stanton County.
08-13-2009 Monster 52-4 Cross Crossbow This sow is our highest-priced pig sold ever, and her first litter was our highest selling litter ever. This mating should be nothing less than phenomenal.
08-18-2009 Fatal Attraction 58-4 Cross Alias 12-2 * Duncan Man Full sib mating to our very popular red-belted barrow we sold at Duncan last fall.
08-18-2009 Lettow Fatal son Cross Dare to Compare This is the Lettow gilt that Dakota won his market class with at the 2008 Kansas State Fair, great mating.
08-23-2009 Lettow Fatal son Cross Powerade Daughter Sow won 2008 Logan County Spring show, lots of stout belted pigs in this litter.
08-25-2009 Fully Loaded Spot Spot Sow This litter should be a great litter, sow had nice litter of crossbreds this spring, and Fully Loaded's win.
09-01-2009 White Tiger Cross Fatal 117-3 * York Littermate to sow made sale at Fort Worth, should be some York-classifiers in this litter.
09-01-2009 Fatal Attraction 58-4 Cross Blue Alias 106-4 Great breeding, and even better potential. Mother has tons of rib.
09-01-2009 Walks Off York Blow Out * Contender Gilt's littermate 10th York barrow at Duncan last year, we are planning better this year.
09-01-2009 White Tiger Cross Hippo * Eddie York Sow was Reserve Grand Market Hog 2008 Stevens County, KS, and had very nice first litter this spring.
09-01-2009 Times Two Duroc Messner Sow Last year's purchase from Brian Anderson, this sow should have a really good Duroc litter.
09-02-2009 Ultimate Force Cross Fatal 58-4 Sow is Littermate to last year's red-belt barrow, should be lots of color in this litter.
Tye Lettow Boar

We purchased a belted Alias 106-4 son, out of an Alias 27-1 sow, from Tye in the summer of 2007.  He is a full brother to the Reserve Grand Barrow at the 2007 Iowa State Fair, shown by Rebecca Freeman.  We have a great set of pigs out of him.
Chuck Olson Boar

We purchased this York boar from Chuck Olson in the Fall of 2007.  He has enough quality that Chuck considered selling semen on him himself from his semen stud, hence the picture.  He is a Tank son out of a One sow, combining the best of Grimm and Cobb breeding.  We think he will add a lot to our summer-born pig crop.
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